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My name is Jordan Gadsby and I live in Nipawin Saskatchewan with my wife Chantal and our four kids. We have been the Lead Pastors at the Nipawin Apostolic Church since August of 2013. For 12 years prior to moving to Nipawin, I was involved in several different areas of leadership at Gateway Christian Ministries in Prince George British Columbia.

Moving to Nipawin has been a big faith journey for our whole family. Leaving what we knew and were comfortable with for the unknown was difficult, but we knew that we were going to where God was calling us. We have certainly seen Him at work in our lives and are excited for what He is going to do through us.

We are passionate for the church to be a relevant and caring community of people who love to celebrate together and work hard to make our community the best place to live!

 spent a lot of my ministry career working with children and families and Chantal has a BSc and MA in Counselling Psychology. Both of us are dedicated to helping families to be successful. This means marriages that are thriving, children that are secure and families that love doing life together.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that you find something useful to you on it!

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