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Much Ado About Moms

MomMOMS come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: kids. Since we were all kids once we’ve all had a mom, no matter what our relationship with her looked like. If your relationship with your mom was or is less than ideal then Mother’s Day might not be a pleasant time for you. If that is your situation, then I encourage you, if at all possible, to do everything you can from your side of the relationship to make things better. If that’s not possible in your situation, then please ask God to heal your feelings and memories and help you to let go of your hurt.

Many of us look forward to Mother’s Day every year as a special time set aside to show our moms that we appreciate them. Many more of us, when we’re scrambling to make plans or to find a gift, wish that we would have looked forward to it so we could be more prepared! So, prepared or last minute, what are some ways that we can show appreciation to moms this Mother’s Day? There’s always the standard card, flowers or Mother’s Day brunch; for your mom they might be the perfect ideas. What I think that every mother would like is something that shows that you know and understand them. I know that my wife doesn’t appreciate flowers all that much (even though our kids love to buy them for her). One of the best things we’ve done is to let our kids (ages 4, 3, 2 & 1) pick out things they think mommy would love. We go to the Dollar Store and let them pick anything they want. The gifts themselves don’t end up being all that special (citronella torches, water guns, hair clips, etc.), but the fact that they were picked out with love is special. And it’s cheap.

A sure win with most moms is anything that lets you spend time together! This could be the traditional Mother’s Day brunch, or maybe an afternoon walk, or a movie night on the couch. Time together isn’t always possible. It has been a long time since I was close enough to spend time with my mom on Mother’s Day. In this case, anything that shows you were thinking about your mom is a good idea. Try having something delivered to your mom, like flowers, chocolates or a picture mug (one of our favorites). And a good old fashioned phone call to say I love you always goes a long way!

Whatever you do, have fun and do something to appreciate the moms in your life!

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