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My Next Step: The First Sermon

So I preached my first sermon last Sunday…I thought I’d just write a blog post about what I said instead of posting a link to the audio┬ábut then I realized I was just being chicken…

My word for the year has been speak. I’ve been taking whatever opportunities I can to be accountable to really challenging myself with that word over the past few months. This included accepting the opportunity to preach on Mother’s Day.

I’ll admit that 2 years ago I would have laughed and NEVER agreed to it, but God has really brought me on a journey over the course of the last year.

There is something completely frightening about actually posting it on the internet, though…and not just because I think my voice sounds like a chipmunk’s… I’ve decided that because it is so scary I should probably do it anyways…part of taking up the challenge to SPEAK.

So here you go. For those of you who missed it.
…My next step…

Listen Here

(Oh. The following pictures are the ones I showed…just so you can follow along)

Here is my 15 month old holding an axe…


And here is a link to the pictures that I found that REALLY tell us why we need moms!

Why women live longer than men

Why women live longer than men

Why women live longer than men

Why women live longer than men


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