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I Want To Be A Better Person…But Why Does It Have To Be So HARD?!?!

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do (Romans 7:15) This verse has always kind of given me a headache. I can remember reading it over and over to myself slooooowly…trying to break it down into parts. It was almost …

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PureNRG with the Gadsby kids

Thank you to PureNRG for being a great example to your peers and for joining us in sharing the gospel in Prince George!

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Meira Leandra Gadsby

Introducing the newest member of our family! Click here to see a slide show

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Three Great Dates

There are many reasons why we should continue to date our spouse after the wedding and kids. It’s spending time together that deepens our relationship. It is one way of making our marriage a priority. It demonstrates to our kids how to have a strong marriage and that not everything revolves around them. The list of benefits is huge, but getting down to doing it (and that should happen too) can be more difficult, especially if it’s been awhile.

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Becoming a Father

I know that by God’s grace as we have more kids our love will be multiplied to each of them and that as we trust God He will use our family for the things that He wants to.

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Jesus Centered Parenting

is Jesus really at the center of how we parent? Is Jesus really at the center of our family? I think that for Christian parents this has to be the most important question we can ask ourselves. If Jesus really is the center, everything else will also come into place.

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One Year Old Parents

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and a rewarding experience! It is also a lot of work. As hard as it is sometimes when you’ve been up all night or the only words you’ve said all day are “No, don’t touch that” it is all worth it.

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Transitions and Identity

Parents Jordan & Chantal Gadsby

We’re still just getting started on this new ministry focus and seeking God for what it will look like. I already feel refreshed and a new excitement for ministry knowing that we are doing what God is calling us to do. My identity as the Children’s Pastor has changed, but my identity as a child called and loved by God is as strong as ever.

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