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Much Ado About Moms

MOMS come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: kids. Since we were all kids once we’ve all had a mom, no matter what our relationship with her looked like. If your relationship with your mom was or is less than ideal then Mother’s Day might not be a pleasant …

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Overcoming Feelings of Rejection

Rejection. Everyone has experienced it in different measures and in different ways. Rejection. That “slap on the cheek” feeling.  The gut wrenching, heart breaking feeling. Maybe you remember your first taste of rejection; being picked last in gym class, not getting into the school you wanted, being turned down for a job. Maybe your first …

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Never stop loving people!

Never stop loving people; no matter what the cost. Go wherever you have to and do whatever is necessary to express the love of Christ!

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